The Falls City Library

& Arts Center

1400 Stone Street              

Falls City, NE 68355                    Hours: Monday-Thursday:   10 AM-8 PM

402-245-2913                                          Friday:                     10 AM-5.30 PM

402-245-3031 fax                                  Saturday:               9 AM-Noon

Become a Patron!

It's easy! Come fill out our registration form. You will be able to check out 2 items right away. When you bring them back, you will then be able to check out new items. Adults can check out 20 items and Children can check out 10 items.

Books can be checked out for 4 weeks.

Videos, audio books and magazines can be checked out for 2 weeks.

Fines: Books, $.05 per day, Videos, audio books and magazines, $.25 per day. 

Registration is free if you are a resident of Falls City or a property owner.


$25 family

$20 adult

$10 child/student


“The staff is always so friendly, and the size of collection for such a small town is unbelievable.”

Jordie, Falls City, NE

“I feel like the library is consistently sponsoring events and programs for our youth. They surpass all expectations for a small town library."

Matt, Falls City, NE

"Falls City got pretty lucky to get such a beautiful library.”

Theresa, Auburn, NE