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The Falls City Library

& Arts Center

1400 Stone Street                      

Falls City, NE 68355                    


402-245-3031 fax                        


The Falls City Library & Arts Center endeavors to promote art and cultural programs, support a lifelong love of reading and learning, provide free access global connections, and maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

Hope Schawang retired in May 2023 after nearly four decades in the library world. Thank you for everything Hope and enjoy your retirement!

Library Staff

Allie McCann:          Library Director

Kathy Kirkendall:     Circulation Librarian

Jayme Coonce:        Children's Librarian

Jensen Coonce:       Clerical Librarian

Fay Ann Blaylock:     Library Assistant

Judy Gilkerson:        Custodian

Dick Gilkerson:        Maintenance 


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