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The Falls City Library

& Arts Center

1400 Stone Street                      

Falls City, NE 68355                    


402-245-3031 fax                        

The Library Can Be Supported A Variety Of Ways

  • Donations

The donor may specify how the funds be spent: books, films, technology, programs.


  • Richardson County Art and Humanities Council Membership

Memberships are needed to support art exhibits, author visits, speakers and workshops. Over the years art work can show its age under the best conditions.  Donations for restoration will help repair and preserve these works of art for now and for future generations to appreciate over the years.


  • Friends of the Library

Through membership dues and fund raising the Friends provide funds for books, especially for children, children's programs, author visits, film nights, and supplies and materials for children that make the library fun!


  • Volunteer

Volunteers are a wonderful asset to the library staff! Each day hundreds of books and films are circulated and returned. They need cleaned, organized, and shelved. Volunteers also help prepare new materials. Ask if you can help your library!


For more information, speak to Allie McCann, Library Director

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